For 2024 / 2025

Inductions: Induction fees are payabe at the club at the start of your induction session(s) as follows:

  • .22 Rifle ( 2 x 2hr sessions or 1 x 4hr session)  £45.00
  • Air Rifle / Air Pistol ( 1 x 1hr and 1 x 2hr session, or 1 x 3hr session)  £35.00

Annual subscriptions are due on 1st May and can be now be paid via the club's online eShop. The eShop is hosted by Square, our payment provider.

By using the eShop annual subscriptions can be paid:

  1. via Square
  2. direct into the club's bank account
  3. via Paypal.

(2) is the preferred eShop method as it doesn't cost the club any transaction charges!

For Online bank and Paypal payments see the Secure Payment page. Please use the eShop rather than just paying the money into the club's account so that the treasurer has an email order that details exactly what you have paid for.

Annual subscriptions for existing annual members can now be paid on a monthly basis by setting up a direct debit. Available payment plans can be found in the “Bills & Payments” section of Coacha.

Current membership fees for the year 2024/2025 are as follows:

  • Membership Adult Full £120.00 per annum. Current full members can pay by direct debit £10.80/month.
    • Membership Adult Summer £60.00.
    • Membership Adult Winter £60.00.
  • Membership Junior Full £60.00 per annum.
    • Membership Junior Summer £30.00.
    • Membership Junior Winter £30.00.
  • Locker Rental of a locker in our armoury for equipment storage £30.00 per annum
  • Small locker rental for personal possessions £15 per annum.

Weekly Levy (Members) The levy is due on Tuesday and is paid on your first visit to the club. Further visits to the club during the week are not charged.

  • Adult £6.50
  • Junior £3.25

Ad Hoc Session: There is a fixed charge of £4.00 per session per person in addition to the normal weekly levy when the club is used outside of normal opening times.

Fullbore membership also available details on request, please email the secretary for further information.

Coaching Fees

Paid for coaching is undertaken by our NSRA qualified Instructors and Coaches.

Group Session (£15/head): You typically get an hour of 1-2-1 time with one of our Instructors / Coaches during the 3-4 hour group session so you can listen in on all the other coaching or spend time practicing the exercises on the range(s). Group sessions will be advertised on our Facebook and page and website and need to be pre-booked.

Individual coaching (£12/hour): Is available for 1-2-1 time with our Instructors / Coaches. These sessions need to pre-booked so that we can get an understanding of your requirements beforehand and tailor the content of the session to your needs. The non-member fees will be payable if you require additional range time before or after the coaching session.

Non Members

Non-members are welcolme on payment of day member fee as noted below. In order to comply with Home Office requirements you will need to be:

  • A member of an approved club (for air pistol, air rifle, .22 rifle), or
  • A FAC holder 

Please bring evidence of your Club, NSRA or NRA membership to avoid any uncertainty for the Duty Officer.

Daily / Guest Membership is payable on a per visit basis and allows for the fact that you don't pay our annual membership subscription fees.

  • Adult £13.00
  • Junior £6.50

You may bring your own targets or they can be purchased from us at the following prices:

  • 25yd - 12p
  • 50m - 40p
  • 100yd - 60p

Note: The 50m and 100yd cards are the three card system which strangely are a single card.


Ammunition is available at the range at normal Club prices (don't forget your FAC).

Range Hire

Range hire is available for other shooting organisations. This is based on the cost of running the club and is £90 for the day or £45 for a morning, afternoon, or evening session.