The eShop has been created using free facility provided by If you save your details first time through the eShop will remember them so it's easier next time through. Once your details are saved the "login" is a bit different as follows:

  • enter your email address.
  • Square should then send you a code to complete the login.
  • Enter the code.

The links in the menu on the website have been updated to the new eShop. Let me know if you spot any errors.

This shop is better:

  • now takes all debit cards that Square accepts,
  • now takes all credit cards that Square accepts,
  • now takes Google Pay,
  • GDPR (Data Privacy) sorted for cookies accept / reject.

Unfortunately, no longer has options for the following (see below for work arounds):

  • PayPal as that'll cost £19/month.
  • Online banking payments.

Secure Payment

The new eShop now accepts all debit / credit cards that Square accepts as the secure payment process is hosted on the same Square servers that process the terminal payments made in the club.

The information you give Square is the same as any other online shop (ie credit card details and security information like your address to allow them to authorise the transaction).

When you have completed the checkout page, click on the "Place Order" button.

Online Banking

If you wish to pay via online banking, apply code BANK99 at the checkout. This will apply a 100% discount. Click on the "Place Order" button. This will submit the order and I'll then provide you with the club's bank account details so that you can transfer the payment. Once the payment is received I'll process the order.

Note: Please remember that, although it may feel like it somtimes, I don't spend 24/7 sat at the computer so it may take a while for me to issue the bank details as this is not an automatic process.


If you wish to pay with PayPal, apply code PAL99 at the checkout. This will apply a 100% discount. Click on the "Place Order" button. This will submit the order. Send your payment via PayPal to Select the friends and family option to avoid charges. I'll then wait for the payment to reach the club's PayPal account before processing the order.

(These are the notes I made while testing the system. If there are any errors or changes you think would be useful please send me an email.)