Title Item Type Sub Type Body Item Date Location Source Item (Doc/Image)
EGTSC 0001 Image Monochrome

Three men (??, Arnold Kelf, Charles Beard) digging out the foundations for the clubhouse.

01/05/1966 East Court Range

East Grinstead Courier

EGTSC 0030 Image Monochrome

Five members (Ken Nichols, Mike Judson, Richard Nichols, Charles Beard, and Joyce Eldred) having a tea break during construction of the concrete wall down the side of the range.

1969 East Court Range

E. G. Eldred

EGTSC 0075 Article Newspaper

Rifle Club Is Well On Its Way To Having The Best Range in County - account of plans for the future build of the club, accompanied by photo of Charles Beard looking out over car park in front of paritally built clubhouse.

03/11/1966 East Court Range

East Grinstead Courier